Hyperconverged Systems, Present or Future?

Hi, I’m going to talk on this post about a “Monster”, I say that, because the growth of HCI (Hyper-converged Integrated Systems) is amazing. The question is, Hyper-Converged Systems are present or future in the Datacenter Design? On this post, I will try to give my point of view about HCI Systems.

To start, what is HCI Systems? Is a type of Infraestructure system based on SDS (Software Defined Storage), which includes compute, storage and virtualization resources. The difference with the traditional Infraestructure System (Converged Systems) is that each of these resources (compute,storage,networking,etc) is handled by a component or components that serves a singular purpose.

Converged Systems
Converged Systems
Hyper-Converged Systems
Hyper-Converged Systems

When making decisions to design a Datacenter, the first and practically the only option was to use a conventional environment. The only option was to fill the design with servers, virtualization, storage, networks. It does not mean that, that kind of design, is bad or a not valid environment. In fact, when designing a Datacenter you have to think about what requirements we want to cover, if we want more than one site, the distance between sites, etc.

At this point, it is time to include the concept of SDDC (Software-Defined DataCenter). Is a data storage facility in which all elements of the infrastructure ( networking, storage, CPU and security ) are virtualized and delivered as a service (IaaS). Deployment, provisioning, configuration and operation of the entire infrastructure is abstracted from hardware and implemented through software. For SDDC, we can include the next concepts:


Software Defined Networking


Software Defined Storage


Software Defined Compute


SDN, SDS and SDC use software to virtualize network, storage and computing services.

Benefits of Hyperconverged Infraestructure

  • Based in software: Provides the flexibility required to meet current and future business needs without having to rip and replace infrastructure components. The vendors add new features in updated software releases, customers gain the benefits of those features immediately, without having to replace hardware.
  • Centralized Systems and Management: All components (compute, storage, backup to disk, cloud gateway functionality) are combined in a single shared resource pool with hypervisor technology. This simple, efficient design enables IT to manage aggregated resources across individual nodes as a single federated system.
  • Scalability: All resources of each node are aggregated into a single cluster, creating the feel of a single super-server for both you and your applications. If more computing power is needed, simply add a node. If more storage is needed, simply add a node. Nodes of different types can be mixed and matched in a single cluster, providing flexibility to build out the perfect infrastructure for applications.
  • Easy automation: Automation is a key component of the SDDC and goes hand in hand with hyperconvergence. When all resources are truly combined and when centralized management tools are in place, administrative functionality includes scheduling opportunities as well as scripting options.
  • Data Protection: Comprehensive backup and recovery, and affordable disaster recovery. Efficient protection without data rehydration and re-deduplication, that leads in an inefficient use of resources. A single centralized console that enables IT to respond quickly.
  • Reduces cost: Reduces maintenance cost, reduces energy cost, reduces infraestructure cost, etc.
  • Use x86 Hardware: Allow agnostic hardware x86.

To conclude, I will provide links to hyperconvergent solutions:

Nutanix VMware vSAN VMware NSX HPE + Simplivity VCE (vXRAIL)
 Nutanix  VSAN-featured  NSX  HPE-acquires-Simplivity  vce-logo-large
Stratoscale Datacore Starwind Cisco HyperFlex Hitachi Hyper-Scale Out
 Stratoscale  datacore  StarWind_Software  cisco_hyperflex  Hitachi_logo_LIGHT_HIRES
IBM Spectrum Accelerate Atlantis Maxta Scale Computing Pivot3 
 descarga  atlantis  maxta  Scale_computing  pivot3

I hope you liked the post. Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂


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